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The 6- stage system

The Revive Water System incorporates a patent-pending 6-stage filter system that takes the water on a remineralization journey resulting in a product that will rival premium bottled water quality straight out of your faucet. Hover over each stage to see how we do it. 

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stage -01

UV Light Filter

  • Destroys 99.99% of harmful microorganisms- Including bacteria, viruses, fungi

  • Protects water against harmful

  • pathogens -Including Ecoli, Salmonella

  • Ensures the water is safe to drink

stage -04


  • Supports Bone & Muscle Maintenance

  • Hydration Properties

  • Negative Ion Charge

stage -03

maifan stone

  • Promotes pH Balance

  • Anti-inflammatory properties

  • Aids in Pain Relief

  • Assists in Detoxification of the Body

stage -05

Alkaline rocks

  • Helps promote a healthy Alkaline pH State

  • Reduces Oxidative Stress

  • Strengthens the body's natural defense mechanisms

  • Improves well-being & vitality

stage -06

Coconut activated charcoal

  • Helps give the water a smooth taste

  • Helps combat body odor internally

  • Supports general detoxification

stage -02

Far infared
Ceramic balls

  • Enhancing Skin Absorption & Moisturization

  • Improves hydration quality

  • Improves Blood Oxygen Capacity

  • Helps balance Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Levels

  • Assists in Bone Growth, Hormone Regulation and Immune System Strength

The science

Filtered or demineralised  water is defined in the study as “water almost or completely free of dissolved minerals as a result of distillation, deionisation, membrane filtration (reverse osmosis or nanoflitration), electrodialysis or other technology”.

"It has been adequately demonstrated that consuming water of low mineral content has a negative effect on homeostasis mechanisms, compromising the mineral and water metabolism in the body”

Findings from tests conducted on animal and human subjects suggest that “Low mineral water markedly : 

1. increased diuresis (almost by 20%, on average), body water volume, and serum sodium concentrations
2. decreased serum potassium concentration
3. increased the elimination of sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium ions from the body." 

The results are quite surprising ; not only does the purification, like that used by several other sparkling water brands, deplete essential minerals, but drinking a demineralised water has been shown over time to actually strip the bodies natural levels of said essential minerals. 

Source: World Health Organisation

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