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We aim to revolutionize the way we approach water quality and hydration.

Introducing Revive Water, an innovative product developed by Kieran Bown and Michelle Preciado, driven by their shared love for the ocean and a vision for global sustainability. This groundbreaking solution aims to optimize household water quality and enhance hydration on a global scale. Whether on a yacht, at home, or traveling, Kieran and Michelle are committed to improving onboard water systems and overall well-being.

Crafted with precision and guided by a deep understanding of yacht crews' unique challenges, Revive Water sets a new standard in water treatment. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions, the product aspires to inspire positive change by making clean and revitalizing water accessible to everyone. Join Kieran and Michelle on their mission to create a more sustainable and healthier future, experiencing the transformative power of optimized water quality and hydration—one drop at a time.

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Kieran Bown | Founder & CEO
Michelle Preciado | Founder

Hailing from an engineering background, Kieran has spent the majority of his life on the water. With extensive experience as a veteran yacht crew member, he has always been driven to optimize systems onboard. Kieran's innate curiosity and problem-solving skills have led him to constantly seek out new ways to improve efficiency and performance in various marine environments.


Michelle Preciado, has a deep-rooted desire to pursue healthier habits and optimize lifestyle and wellness. Also a veteran yacht crew member, Michelle has spent a significant portion of her life surrounded by the ocean and marine life. Her profound love for the ocean and the environment has fueled her passion for creating a more sustainable future.


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